Paella Gigante 2018 Saturday, 5:30PM, March 17, 2018, Greenbelt 3

Dear Chefs and Members,
The Paella Gigante 2018 festival will be this Saturday, 5:30PM, March 17, 2018 at Greenbelt 3!
Enjoy the evening with a serving of Paella Mixta overflowing with prawns, chorizo, chicken and squid in seasoned rice cooked over fire wood!
Proceeds of this event will go to Sociedad Espanola de Beneficencia’s shelter and healthcare programs for the elderly. 
Get your tickets in advance, call:
Sociedad Espanola de Beneficencia at 843-0742
Mr. Jem Raymundo 0920 9537945 
Cirkulo Restaurant 810-8735/8102763
Draft Greenbelt (Chef Donato Avellana +63 917 885 6010)
Tapella Greenbelt (Chef Robert Spakawski +63 926 711 8689)
Chef Capitan Mikel Arriet and Manila’s top chefs will demonstrate how our famous 10-foot diameter paella is cooked. So all hands on deck! 
Come in your LTB Chefs Jacket or polo shirt and show your support!
Please invite your friends and family to enjoy the fiesta and witness the largest (and most delicious) paella in the Philippines!
Thank you for your continued support and we'll see you there!
James Antolin
LTB Philippines Chefs Association

Jem Raymundo
Office Manager
0920 9537945
[email protected]